As web developers we find ourselves coding "Contact Us" forms alot. In addition to having the form to write, we also have the backend logic to deal with: gather up the TO information, from, subject, body and send it off.

Simple, right? But, oh wait, there's SMTP configuration to worry about — is SMTP set up right? Is it still right from when I set up another one of these 6 months ago (on the same server), etc.

This is even worse if you're using a language like PHP where the builtin sendmail functionality works through sendmail. Ugh, sendmail.

Or maybe you're just a designer with a pretty form: you have a static page you want to stay static, but you really need a contact page. Mail makes your head spin.

And about spam?

Because your address is never shown to users, you won't get spam in the traditional sense. Using this site is another hurdle for them.

But it's not an absolute hurdle. As the spam war continues, more and more defenses need to be put into place to filter our spam. emailformrelay will put these defenses up, in one central place. If you use your own email form backend stuff for every site you do, now you have update many places to update when the spammers change tactics.

You never have to worry about a ton of spam - even from very smart spammers. We're on it.

Interface to use emailformrelay

We want to make this as easy to use as possible.

  1. Register a new site for your account here
    • Specify email address aliases - sales goes to bob@example.com, tech goes to larry@example.com
    • Specify the redirection URL: where the user should be delivered to after we send you an email
  2. Set the form's action to the URL we give you, and follow our input naming conventions. You're probably already doing this: (from, subject, body).
  3. When a user submits the form it will go to our site, we'll deal with the email and immediately redirect them to the redirection URL you specified: they'll never know they left your site!

What we do NOT do

Right now we simply send email: all the validation must be done on your side. We suggest the awesome LiveValidation Javascript library.

In the future we may consider validation callbacks to your site (either returning to referring page, or sending them to a defined error page on your site.). If you want to influence this decision, please Contact us

Check out our demo

See it in action, or contact us about this site!

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